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2012-02-08 14:59:26 by UberCream

Hi Newgrounds! I can see you scrupdated.

Happy New Year? Hah!

2010-12-25 21:08:02 by UberCream

Today, some poor, misguided soul tried to wish me a Happy New Year. I responded, "New Year's Eve in December? That's soooo Gregorian!"

I'll have you know that the Julian calendar is the one to follow. Any other calendar is simply too mainstream. If anyone reading this plans to celebrate New Years Day in any month other than April, please respond by telling me what it's like to be pawn of the Catholic Church's totalitarian agenda. Similar suggestion to anyone Chinese.

So, do you love it, or are you indifferent about it?

Also, you might not get the point I am trying to make if you haven't played the game.

I just don't understand this.

While being bored and randomly typing things into google trends, I came across this little factoid. For some reason, towards the end of the year, the amount of people typing in the word balls jumps up dramatically. By the end of the year, the number goes back down again.

Please tell me Newgrounds, why would this bee?

Interest in the word "Balls" skyrockets every holiday season.


Suck it down, please.

I entered Egoraptor's contest!

2010-05-02 18:43:43 by UberCream

Hyeeeere is my submission!

So what do you guys think? Tell me nice things about it or I'll be sad.

Me and lndbro's brother edited the Mega Man 10 stage select. It's a lot better this way.

Mega Man 10 Improved Robot Masters

It's my birthday today!!!

2010-03-21 14:50:52 by UberCream

Happy birthday to me!

For my birthday, I'm gonna eat cake and shit. Shit cake maybe.

Someone should make me a birthday thread. Then I would be able to go to the moon.

Doubters error message?

2010-02-12 00:11:03 by UberCream

Well, my last userpage post was about something like this.

On the forums, is anyone else getting an error message that talks about "Doubters," pictured below.

It's probably another update, like last time, or perhaps a prank... Like last time...

*Edit: I've noticed that I only get this when I try to look at posts by author.

**Edit Deux: As soon as it arose, it is gone. The message no longer comes up at all, or atleast, it doesn't happen for me anymore. Any admin or something got an explanation?

***Edit Veinte: Whelp, apparently Liljim did this as a joke, as a response to this thread. People were discussing the possibility of Liljim deleting everyone, so he made it so that searching for people gave that error message.

Doubters error message?

BRB, Adding Edit Button

2010-01-26 15:36:06 by UberCream

Is anyone else getting this?

Edit: Liljim announced that it were all just a dream_ I mean a joke. Although, they did add fancy new forums like the animation forum, writing forum, and my new fave, THE COLLABORATION FORUM. All I can do now is hope for a photoshop thread forum. Some day......

BRB, Adding Edit Button